Sim-Free Smart Shop

.Cellular and Gadgets concept store in a central prime location in Tel Aviv

.”The project was done in collaboration with “Itay Gidron Design Studio

In the project we had a 360″ range of control that included Interior design, brand image design, visual and graphic language developing, that was enabled to create a multidimensional user experience and an exciting technology environment.The store allows an interactive space for gadgets and technology innovation fans.

In the store the customer can download new apps, to be updated in the latest news in the cellular and gadgets field, listen to music and download new songs and even screen their own videos on the screening wall – and all of it on LIVE!

"THE SIM-FREE'S": a collection of smart funny colorful characters that reflects through their Look and features the brand's essence and values
One of the most unique items in this shop is the interactive bench which we like to call: "SIMUSIC BENCH". that special bench functions as an interactive-waiting-station that contains built-in speakers and multimedia system connection that allows the customers to connect with their smartphones to the bench-system and play music, screen videos, play video games on the huge power wall in the shop.