About the studio

Miss Lee Design is a young, innovative studio for interior design and brand-image which focuses on business and commercial spaces. In order to build a cohesive language, the studio team looks at the brand through the consumers eyes and integrate themselves into the development of it at its concept phase, while thoroughly researching its needs and identity.

The studio believes there is a direct correlation between the design of a space and the brands image.

The studio strives to create consistency and uniformity between the space, the brand and its graphics; an advantage that gives the brand a strong and reliable image.

The customers experience starts at the stage where they meet the graphic image of a business: the logo, business cards, website etc…

The experience is completed when the customer reaches the designed space. The graphic language they have come to know is visually expressed in a three dimensional, real space. The visual expression is manifested in the architecture, the space plan, choice of materials, details, lighting, colours, furniture and the entire design element that give the space its identity and influences the users senses.