Lee-Ran Shlomi – Founder of Miss Lee Design Studio

Lee-Ran, 28, lives in Tel Aviv, married to Itai, an interior designer who owns a design office.

Lee-Ran studied interior design at The College of Management Academic Studies.

While still studying, Leeran began working as an interior designer and doing an array of design projects such as stores, convention booths, and commercial branding.

During her third year of college she was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to fly to China in order to work as a booth designer for a large shoe company named “Sindy”.

As part of her duties with the company, she designed booths for the shoe convention “GDS 2005” that took place in Düsseldorf, Germany. In addition, she was sent by “Sindy” to Germany, to supervise the building of the booths.

After graduating, she started to work for one of the leading design firms “Roth//Tevet>Experience Design” that works with commercial, experiential design. There she became experienced in design and project management on a large scale in the commercial and recreational fields (Golf, Castro, Kravitz, Haoman 17 and more) she acquired skills in working with three dimensional plans, experiential design and creating presentations for competitions.

Following those positions, Lee-Ran went on to work for the interior design firm “Bilgoray-Pozner”, one of the leading firms working in the interior design industry for commercial chains and retail spaces. Her position there included forming concepts, development, designing and planning commercial projects, such as bars, coffee houses, offices and stores for some of the leading retail chains in Israel (Café-Café, Jet, Renuar, Srigamish and more)

In the beginning of 2009 Lee-Ran founded Miss Lee Design Studio.