Who Is Miss Lee?

Name: Miss Lee

Birth date14.06.08

Address:The Global Village

Place of Birth: Isreal

Gender: Eternal Girl

Status: Happily Single

Occupation: Icon

 The Studio is surrounded by one main character: Miss Lee.

Miss Lee is the visual expression of the studio’s values, personality and style.

She was created by Lee-Ran, the founder of the studio, but is a stand alone character (A sort of alter ego)

Through this alternative character, Lee-Ran and the studio’s team can express dark, daring, sides of their personalities in order to create exciting, adventurous, daring and different designs.

The idea was inspired by Batman.

A sort of super-hero, that wants to change the world through her designs.
The idea of her look and appearance came from fictional characters in Japanese Manga comics.

Miss Lee is an underground character, but without the vagueness of the underground, she is happy, positive and strives to spread happiness and love in every place, painting the world with a rainbow of colors. She likes to fantasize, is imaginative and has a vision and the will to do things a little different.

Miss Lee is a character with contrasts; she is the antithesis of herself: On the one hand she is very sweet, on the other hand she is wild, she is open, but surprising, reasonable, but knows when to kick. She has many contradictory sides that complete one another. In addition, she is a responsible and organized character, you can always count on her and she radiates
security and stability.

You will fall in love with her, and most likely, you will work on your next project together.